Western is proud of their football team, boasting of their success at every turn. However, they have another football team, who represent the Mustangs against other Canadian Universities: Western’s all-girl football team, or Powderpuff Football team, who have had a strong start to their season. 

The team practices Thursdays at 7 a.m., as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. They gear up for subzero temperatures every week and tough it out in the cold for their teammates and their school. 

Many students on campus are not aware of the women’s football team; however, it is very popular among the female population at the school who are looking to stay active and represent their school. The team consists of many students from new and eager rookies to experienced veterans. The team prides themselves on their family dynamic and competitive attitude that allows them to work together for one common goal. Many of the players initially get involved as a follow-up to their residence football teams. 

“One of the coaches coached me in my first year of rez football and he told me about Powderpuff, which he said was a higher form of football,” said running back Jessie Io. “So I joined, and it was the best decision I ever made.”

The first half of their season has show great promise for the team. They have played two tournaments, both in which they fell short in the semi-finals. The beginning of the season has made it clear that U of T and Windsor are going to be challenges moving forward.

“I think what we have been doing really well and and know our strengths and weaknesses as a team and we have been coming together and stepping up,” said rookie running back, Claire Ruth. “We only lost to U of T and Windsor. Based on Windsor’s talent, I know that we can easily beat them when we are a little more prepared." 

The team has an ongoing rivalry with U of T which will continue for the rest of the season as Western tries to prove themselves with the win.

“I think our biggest competition is U of T,” says cornerback Alina Na, “They have a great team every year, they are physical, fast and have the skills. I know we can beat them, we have it in us. All we have to do is be more physical, be faster and want it more than them.”

So far this season, several players have been named tournament MVPs for Western, including Maddie Bath, who plays wide receiver and received offensive MVP. Rookie Leeanne Tang, a line backer, took home the defensive MVP title for the Mustangs. The entire offensive line took home tournament MVP for their cohesive teamwork, which was the backbone of the offense.

The girls are motivated and hyped coming off of the first half of their season and are ready to take on their future games.


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