Over 100 former Mustangs competed in the Olympic Games over the last 108 years.

Western has won 30 CIS titles in its history. Here are the top five Mustangs programs in terms of CIS Championships.

Adam Paish, a graduate student at Western, has played 8 seasons as a varsity athlete on the Men’s Baseball team since 2008. 

Have you ever wondered who is behind the mask of JW?

Before being the Mustangs, we were the Colts, and soon after, the Mustangettes. At one point we even proposed changing the football team’s name to "the Purples” instead of the Mustangs.

The CIS rankings are inaccurate because the women's volleyball and basketball teams have been left out despite their strong play.

Since 2000, Western has had five teams win six national titles.

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