Unique Page Views
Per Month

*According to 2016-17 Google Analytics statstics


Unique Site Visitors
Per Year

*According to 2016-17 Google Analytics statstics

80% Of Visitors

18-35 Year Old

*According to 2016-17 Google Analytics statstics

12% Increase

In Visitors Over
Previous Year

*According to 2016-17 Google Analytics statstics

Online Advertising Rates

Gazette Online Advertisements are priced by CPM (Cost Per Thousand) according to the following table. Ad visibility is fluid and changes based on current average views for the month. The duration of an ad depends on the number of impressions purchased and the location chosen. Most positions perform well regardless of their page location.

Position Size (pixels)
Rate (+HST)
Desktop & Mobile: CPM
Impact - Top (High CTR)
970x120 $10 CPM
Impact - Bottom
970x120 $10 CPM 20%*
Sidebar - Top (High CTR)
300x250 $10 CPM 50%
Sidebar - Middle
300x250 $10 CPM 50%
Sidebar - Bottom
300x250 $10 CPM 50%
In Story - Middle (High CTR)
300x250 $10 CPM 40%
Desktop Only: CPM
Page Curl & Large Triangle (High CTR*)
75x75, 500x500
$10 CPM 20%*
Leaderboard - Top (High CTR)
728x90 $10 CPM 20%
Leaderboard - Bottom
728x90 $10 CPM 20%
Mobile Only: CPM
Leaderboard - Top Mobile (High CTR)
320x90 $10 CPM 30%
Leaderboard - Bottom Mobile
320x90 $10 CPM 30%
*Based on limited available data

Download the Gazette Online rate card PDF: Gazette Online Rate Card

CPM = Cost Per Thousand ad impressions.

CTR = Click Through Rate. How often an ad is clicked.

Visibility = How often the position will be visible as a percentage of monthly views.
e.g: Sidebar top will be visible to 50% of all visitors in a month. Divide this percentage by how many are sharing an ad location.

Average site page views (2016-17 data)
(September 1 – May 31)
41,500 5,928
(June 1 – August 31)
23,500 3,357
(January 1 – December 31)
45,000 6,428

To find average impressions a * v = ia = Average Site Page Views
v = Position visibility as a decimal (e.g. 30% = 0.30)
i = Impressions

To budget for your ad ( i / 1000 ) * cpm = $i = Impressions
cpm = Current CPM Rate
$ = Total Ad Cost

What are the benefits of CPM?

Real views

CPM allows your ad to be seen through guaranteed impressions rather than a duration of time. You can reach a mass of people at a lower cost based on views, not time. Through CPM, you’re paying for a set amount of views on your ad and that means real people seeing your ad. Your ad will only count an impression when someone loads your ad.


CPM can accommodate any budget. Even smaller budget amounts can access the benefits of online advertising with guaranteed impressions for their ad.


Some positions have lower impressions — but higher clicks. These positions have the added benefit of not only being seen throughout the website, but having bigger engagement with your target market. Clicks drive people to your site where they can interact and learn more about your brand.

Formatting your ad

Ads are sized in pixels (e.g: 300 pixels by 250 pixels). JPEG, PNG or GIF (animated or static). RGB colour space, 72dpi resolution. Please keep ad sizes under 1Mb.

Choosing Your Ad Size And Location

Gazette Online Advertisements are sold by location and pixel size. Certain ad locations are visible only on desktop platforms, mobile platforms or both formats.

Visible On Both Desktop & Mobile

These ad locations will show up on both mobile and desktop platforms. The Impact Top and Bottom ads will resize to fit the mobile device screen-width and will stay in their respective positions. Sidebar ads will move from the right-hand side and appear at the bottom of the page when viewed on mobile.

Impact – Top: 970x120. Ad resizes to page width proportionally, therefore small text will be hard to read on mobile. Above all page content.
Impact – Bottom: 970x120. Same as above. Below all page content.
Sidebar – Top: 300x250. Right of all content (below on mobile). Very top of sidebar.
Sidebar – Middle: 300x250. Same as above. Bottom of sidebar.
Sidebar – Bottom: 300x250. Same as above. Bottom of sidebar, below Middle.
In-Story – Middle: 300x250. Located in the center of all articles.

Visible On Desktop Only

These ad locations are only visible on desktop devices.

Page Curl: Small icon to the top-right of the page. Hover over for larger ad. 75x75 triangle enlarges to 500x500 triangle.
Leaderboard - Top: 728x90. Below menu and header, above main content area.
Leaderbord - Bottom: 728x90. Below main content area, directly above footer.

Visible On Mobile Only

These locations are only visible on mobile devices. The Mobile Leaderboards replace their desktop versions and are better suited for mobile viewing.

Leaderboard – Top Mobile: 320x90. Below menu and header, above main content area.
Leaderbord – Bottom Mobile: 320x90. Below main content area, directly above footer.

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Off-Campus Advertisers

If you are an off-campus business or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising specialist.

Diana Watson

Office: 519-661-2111 x.89013
Cell: 226-268-7218
Email: dwatso4@uwo.ca

Gazette Advertising and Marketing Office
Room 263D
University Community Centre
Western University
London, ON, N6A 3K7

USC & Western Departments

If you are a Western department or organization looking to advertise with The Gazette, please contact our advertising department.

Ian Greaves

Office: 519-661-3579
Email: adoffice@uwo.ca

Gazette Advertising is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 1985.

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