By: Jenny Jay, Arts and Life Editor 

It’s a good day for social-media enthusiasts when they can Instagram, but an even better day when they can also Instameet their classmates, friends and followers.

On Thursday, Mar. 5, King’s University College is hosting the very first Instameet — an event to bring together both Instagram users and wanna-be users together, to share photos, food and tips for success in the world of Instagramming.

Lisa Michienzi, communications and media relations at King's University College, says Instagram is merely another medium to share the King’s experience.

“Instagram is really about sharing your experiences in a fun way with friends, family and different communities,” Michienzi says.

Instagram differs from other social media platform, since the app can be viewed as a medium to share art, Michienzi notes.

“There are a lot of very talented people who use Instagram to share amazing photos and video they have taken,” Michienzi says. “It really is amazing to look at so many images and see how different people have captured their subject.”

While King’s is looking to expand the skill set of Instagram users, they are also looking to give students an outlet to share their school spirit.

Michienzi explains while Kings has a strong media presence on Twitter and Facebook, there is a population of students who are looking to share their university experience through their photos as well.

“We love having students, staff and faculty engage with us using this form of social media because it is these individuals who give an authentic eye to what its like to live, work and study at King’s and Western,” Michienzi says.

The point of the Instameet is similar to the Tweetup King’s also recently held. The event is open to everyone—the idea is to merge both students and the online community.

“We can bring a lot of like-minded people together who share similar interests. It is a great opportunity for us to connect our community members person to person and show them how fluid our community is,” she says.

The Instameet will also be helpful for students who are looking to become better at using the application. According to Michienzi, there is in fact a way to be “good” at Instagram.

“You really need to just have fun and share pictures of activities, events, or even moments from everyday life with fellow Instagrammers. It’s all about connecting with a virtual community by sharing your experiences and positively commenting on others posts,” she says.

The event will be interactive, including a presentation by the avid Instagrammer and King's student, Olivia Yusuf, along with a presentation on Instagramming tips and techniques. Michienzi says they are hoping that this event will spark a good turnout with attendees of varying Instagram skillsets.

“We love sharing pictures that our students, faculty and staff take of our beautiful campus. We hope to be able to engage all students, faculty and staff by using the event as a community builder.”

The Instameet will take place on Thursday, Mar. 5, at 2 p.m. in the Spriet Learning Commons, Darryl J. King Student Life Centre, 266 Epworth Ave, London.


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