While in 2017 most students' biggest stressor is midterms, during the Second World War, students had much bigger issues on their minds.

The majority of Gazette front covers from 1939 to 1945 included war updates and the effect it was having on Western University students.

An October 1941 front page included several articles about the war. One article highlighted the names of all the Western graduates and alumni — who the Gazette knew of — that had enlisted in the second World War. 

Eight months before that, two Gazette staff members were taken away for military training at Camp Borden. A Gazette article noted that the two students, Laird Bovaird and Gerald Stoner, were outstanding students involved in several extracurriculars. 

By the end of the war, many Western students and alumni lost their lives. In December 1945 — one month after the war's end — Western hosted a memorial service to honour the dead. The ceremony took place in Convocation Hall, with faculty, students and relatives of those who served attending.