Soylent - Day 1 (3)

It's day two of the Gazette's Soylent challenge and our editors have gotten over the initial shock and found some tips and tricks to help them through the week. Read on to see how they're faring on the second day. The rules for the challenge are simple — no food, no alcohol, no coffee — only Soylent until dinner on Friday. Each day, the editors will be recapping their experiences. 


So we've hit the second day and after a rough time yesterday — I think I've gotten the hang of this. I've gotten over the initial chagrin of not being able to eat anything other than Soylent, but it's mostly just gotten monotonous at this point.

It's still a lot of liquid to go through in a day, and bringing around a giant jug of all of my 'food' for the day has definitely been a unique experience.  You don't often see everything you're going to eat in one day all in one package, but at least it's safe to say I'm staying hydrated throughout.

At the same time, I felt really tired and unmotivated when I went to boxing after work, and I think not drinking enough Soylent had a part to play in it. But afterwards I found that adding a little more water to the mix made it much more palatable, so hopefully that'll help for the rest of the week.


Last night I tried blending the powder and water together and the result was much easier to consume. I managed to enjoy a mug of Soylent while watching Netflix. Unfortunately, this meant I learned the hard way why you shouldn’t guzzle it down — my body wasn’t happy to say the least.

Waking up this morning and realizing I won’t be eating anything good was pretty upsetting. Something that’s usually a huge part of my life is now just… Soylent. It never struck me before how important different textures are in enjoying food. The temptation to give up is also there now, along with weird cravings for things like pizza sauce and frozen meat pie (the only things in my fridge). 

My whole plan of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ went down the drain today. Social media is basically a no-go right now — my feeds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all filled with delicious or fancy-looking food. I also found myself at The Spoke to work on a group project and that was torture; seeing and smelling food all around me for three hours was enough to make me question why I'm doing this.


People who know me could probably say that I have a flair for the dramatic and have a tendency to be hyperbolic at times — but this challenge is actually the worst. You don't realize the pivotal role that food plays in your life until you can't have it.

As I walked to the bus this morning, I passed by Starbucks where I normally picked up coffee in the morning and McDonald's where I've enjoyed my fair share of McNuggets. There was the strawberry rhubarb cobbler that my roommate had in the kitchen yesterday or the bowl of M&M's in my living room. On a normal day, I could probably indulge in all of these things.

Soylent itself has not become easier for me — I gag and cringe every time I get a whiff of it. While some thought I was "acting" during my video yesterday, I honestly had a strong reaction every time I had some. I'm dreading eating. I woke up exhausted this morning and feel irritable...more so than normal. I don't want to give up early but after nearly 36 hours I've realized Soylent is not for me.


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