Soylent Day 1 (2)

Print Managing Editor Katie Lear is the last one standing in the Gazette Soylent Challenge on day 3. 

Day three of the Soylent challenge only saw one editor left in the running, as Soylent had gotten the best of them.


I'm not going to lie, it's a bit demoralizing to be the last one standing. I thought I'd be happier about it – after all, I've outlasted the guys. But misery loves company, and there was some solidarity in all three of us going through the challenge together. 

It's a bit of a mystery to me why I'm not suffering the same way Ellis and Bradley were. I'm not feeling unwell like Ellis did, and the taste certainly didn't repulse me the same way it did with Bradley. I still have yet to make it through a full jug of Soylent though, since it makes you feel so full so quickly.

For the next few days I'm going to plan out what I'm going to eat after the last 'meal' on Friday night. I'm thinking a really, really cheesy pizza.


I had to stop the challenge because it was making me feel sick. After two days of that stuff I already felt like I was about to hit a wall. Grainy and floury liquid for all meals of the day is incredibly boring in and of itself, and then once you can no longer stand the (not deliciously) neutral taste things go downhill fast. Had I not quit this morning, it would have been tonight.

Soylent could really work well for a quick breakfast – I myself am one to rush out and not eat – or for a way to cut costs in your weekly groceries. But having the stuff every day all meals of the day is just torture. Maybe if it had flavouring it would be more enjoyable, but even then the texture is just… Awful. Even with the blender.

Usually when food makes my body sad it takes at least a few hours for things to return to normal (if not a few days). In this case the recovery was almost instant. I put pizza in the oven, took it out, ate it and five minutes later I felt great. Try Soylent, but don’t try the Soylent challenge.


I quit. I understand that this could be viewed as a "failure" in some respect but if the challenge is eating Soylent for a week then I'm okay with failing. 

My mini-breakdown occurred last night after I tried to make a pancake out of the Soylent mixture in hopes that a more solid form would make it more bearable. As soon as it hit the frying pan, the water evaporated leaving barely any of that floury mixture left in the pan. It was at this point, I turned to my friend who was visiting and said, "that's it, we're going to McDonald's."

"What about your challenge?" He protested.

"Nope! I need McNuggets!" I exclaimed.

After my binge on McDonald's, I proceeded to go to the grocery store and purchased cotton candy and ice cream which I would have later that night as I watched Orange is the New Black. What a time to be alive. I wish Katie luck but she should really quit. She won. It's over. I'm typing this happier than I have been in the past two days — what a reward. 


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