ontario hall bedroom

Ontario Hall bedroom.

For many first-year Western students, their residence placement is kind of a big deal. Here's a look (literally) at what you can expect from your residence-style.


Where: Delaware Hall, Medway-Sydenham Hall and Saugeen-Maitland Hall. 

If you're headed to Delaware, Med-Syd or Saugeen, get ready to socialize. It may feel like you're stepping out of your comfort zone with the common washrooms and barrage of floormates, but these residences are known for being spirited, close-knit and a lot of fun. If you're worried about the rowdiness, don't be. Most of it happens on the weekends, and your floormates will usually be respectful if you ask them to keep it down. There are also study rooms in rez and libraries on campus that offer quiet areas to crack open your books.

Also, if you score Delaware, the location alone is a lot to like. It's the closest rez to many campus buildings — great for students who love to hit snooze.

Delaware Hall


Where: Ontario Hall, Perth Hall

Many students will say hybrid-style residences aren't as rowdy or chummy as traditional-style, but it all depends on your floor. Students will still find "party floors" in both Ontario or Perth, and even if these residences tend to be quieter overall, certain times of the year, like O-Week, Homecoming or St. Paddy's, tend to spark festivities no matter what. 

Hybrid-style residences also offer more privacy than traditional, and if you're lucky enough to get Ontario Hall, it's brand-new facilities and cafeteria mean your rez experience will be far from roughing it. 

Ontario Hall


Where: Alumni House, Elgin Hall, Essex Hall, London Hall 

Alumni House and London Hall are upper-year residences, so first-years don't need to worry about them. Elgin and Essex, on the other hand, are homes to many frosh. A suite-style rez will offer you the most independence; the kitchens mean first-years have the option to cook or meal prep, something much harder to do in Delaware or Saugeen.

These residences also tend to be the quietist. On the plus side, Essex is right across the street from the campus gym and Essex is a stone's throw away from Med-Syd — great for students who want to party then retreat to peace and quiet. 

Essex Hall

Access to residence rooms courtesy of Western Housing & Ancillary Services.


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