Fashion week of January 14

Walking to class in minus-20 degree weather is no easy feat, so you try and bundle yourself in every piece of clothing you have. Then, you get inside and the sudden heat leaves you looking sweaty and, let’s face it, not your best.

First-year engineering student Jake Girling displays how to effortlessly combine style with utility through the winter months without bulky excess accessories.

While it’s very easy to wear all black during the winter months, Girling goes for an earth tone colour scheme.

His shoes are brown lace-up boots, which are a more fashionable alternative to heavier boots on days when there isn’t as much snow. These complement his muted green jeans nicely. Coloured jeans are a good way to add contrast to an otherwise colourless outfit. The soft green is subtle but effective and matches well with the rest of the outfit.

Girling’s mid-length parka complements the outfit with its olive green colour. This length is great for added warm as it extends past the waist and onto the legs. It is also a more professional looking option, as opposed to puffer or sport jackets, looking more put together without compromising practicality.

His favourite piece is his turtleneck, which his mom bought for him for Christmas. Turtleneck sweaters have been on the rise lately and can be very warm, depending on the material. The extended neck can be used instead of a scarf, eliminating the number of layers worn.

“Try to have a bunch of simple pieces that you can just throw together and combine into whatever,” he advises. “It creates a laid back style.”

This winter, follow Girling’s example and know that you can keep warm without sacrificing style. 

Where to Get It

Jacket: Independent store in Vancouver. Longer length parkas are slowly becoming more common as a more fashionable and classier alternative to the traditional, sporty ski coat. 

Jeans: J Crew. Skinny jeans are timeless and wearing them in other colours allows you to create different looks while still keeping the same basic style. 

Boots: North Face. A perfect alternative to snow boots for days when the weather is nicer and you don’t want to be weighed down. Make sure to treat them with a weather proofing spray before you wear them, as salt and slush can easily ruin a pair of shoes

Turtleneck: Banana Republic. These sweaters are great for cold days and require little effort.


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