The 1950s left the gloom of the Second World War behind and became the decade of Sinatra, rock 'n roll and dressing to express your identity. Second-year political science student Alexander Shah shows us how to bring '50s influences into your everyday style.

Shah wears a form-fitting black polo shirt with a white pattern. A polo shirt is a good, slightly more casual alternative to the traditional button-up but is just as classy. The key here is to pick a shirt that fits you well — an ill-fitting shirt will make you look sloppy. The pattern on the shirt adds variety to the otherwise all-black outfit.

On the bottom, Shah wears a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. Black fabric underneath covers the rips in the jeans, making them subtle but effective. This is Shah's favourite piece because “they’re ripped, which adds texture to the outfit.”

Shah also wears a pair of plain black dress shoes for a touch of class to the outfit. When paired with the correct pair of pants, like black skinny jeans, dress shoes can be a good alternative to running shoes or boots.

Shah completes his look with a large-face black watch.

Like Shah’s style?

“I try to go for more of a greaser style,” he says, citing the popular fashion trend of the '50s. “I take a lot of influence from the trends of that era.”

Shah’s fashion choices prove you don’t have to stick to modern trends in order to look fashionable — borrowing from previous generations can be just as effective in creating your own personal style.

Where to get it:

Shirt: H&M. A well-fitting polo is a staple in any wardrobe and is a good middle ground between a T-shirt and a buttoned shirt.

Jeans: H&M. Men’s ripped jeans are slowly growing in popularity and the lack of exposed skin with this pair is a good compromise for those who want the style but don’t feel comfortable with full rips.

Shoes: Independent store. A good pair of dress shoes is a must and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. 

Watch: The Bay. Large-face watches are on the rise and wearing one with a short-sleeved shirt can really make a statement. 


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