In an age where conformity is the norm, differentiating yourself can be difficult. Third-year political science student Cameron Sheeler shows us how to use fun accessories to show your true personality.

Sheeler's coat’s minimalist design is unlike what is usually seen today, as it has no visible buttons save for the top one. This is Sheeler’s favourite piece, because “it’s unique and so clean without the appearance of pockets.”

Underneath the jacket he wears a dark blue chambray buttoned shirt. This subtle patterned style is a great way to add texture to an outfit without the overkill of a louder pattern like stripes or plaid. The colour also complements nicely, playing off the cool tones in the coat.

On the bottom, Sheeler wears a pair of olive pants, whose warm colour complements the cooler tones in the rest of his outfit. His pants are rolled up at the cuff, highlighting his brown leather boots. This classy footwear is pragmatic and can be worn a lot during the late winter and early spring months when it’s still too wet to wear other shoes, but not cold enough to necessitate boots.

The highlight of the outfit, though, is his black Herschel backpack, which features a colourful fish print. This brand of backpack is very popular right now, but the fun print is eye-catching and makes his look stand out from the crowd.

To get Sheeler’s look, he advises to “try to create really clean, polished lines.”

But also don’t be afraid to get creative and show off your fun side.

“Everyone has these Hershel bags and I had never seen this pattern before and I thought it was cheeky,” he says.   

Fashion is all about self-expression. Don’t be afraid to combine what’s in style and your own personality to create your own unique look.

Where to Get It: 

Shirt: Club Monaco. Chambray is a muted pattern that can really add to an outfit.

Coat: Zara. This coat is a great modern twist on the traditional wool coat and its versatile neutral style can be worn with a variety of different looks.

Pants: The Bay. A pair of plain pants provides a good base for when you want to highlight other areas of your outfit and the olive colour is an alternative to other neutrals like black and beige.

Boots: Spring. Leather boots are great as it begins to get warmer and you want transitional footwear between a heavier winter boot and a shoe. Make sure to treat them with weather and salt protecting spray as salt can be left on pavement long after the snow melts.

Backpack: Stance. Wearing a backpack with a fun print is a great way to add variety to an outfit and show off your personality with something you can wear on the daily.


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