Art Lab Lights

Everything is a little bit more fun in John Labatt Visual Arts Centre. These lights included. 

Abstract and intriguing concepts like togetherness, truth and the internet is explored in the ongoing Artlab exhibit, Fellow Feeling. The exhibition features work by the Studio Arts Practicum graduating class of 2017, and will aim to make visitors look at artwork and the modern world in new ways.

There’s no specific theme for the exhibition, says gallery director Susan Edelstein, but it’s a collaborative project “in the sense that [the artists] are working together as a group to bring a single outcome of an exhibition.”

Student artist Jill Smith agrees, saying while “our themes may seem unrelated, the work is quite unified in aspects of togetherness and community.”

Fellow Feeling aims to share the nine artists’ visions of the world with the visitor. Edelstein explains the student artists are “looking at the result of how the world is changing ... they’re dealing with pop culture, they’re dealing with what’s happening in contemporary artwork, they're experimenting with new things in media.”

The exhibition also features a variety of different mediums and methods, like performance, photography, sculpture and even slime and bath bombs.

“There’s a really, really diverse range of artwork; that’s the biggest thing that I would say,” says Edelstein.

Smith’s contributions to the exhibition are similarly creative and include ceramic sculpture. She had an opportunity to experiment and learn while creating her pieces.

 “As I have only started to really use the medium this year, I've had the opportunity to experiment and mess up and learn things,” she says.

Smith is interested in “the ways in which personalized and decorated spaces reflect the self, such as with domestic environments,” and the "absurdity of both the space and the self," which she explores in her artwork.

Creating Fellow Feeling was “a ton of time and energy,” says Smith. If this effort has paid off, it is set to be an eclectic and original display.

Fellow Feeling opens March 24 at 7 p.m. and runs until April 7 at the Artlab Gallery.


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