Program: Honeytrap 

Starring: Jessica Sula, Lucien Laviscount, Ntonga Mwanza

Director: Rebecca Johnson

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Layla David (Sula) is new to Brixton and gets sucked into a toxic relationship with a local rapper and wannabe bad boy.

My Take: Okay guys, so I watched Honeytrap based on the movie still and realized that I should always pre-select my Netflix movies instead of unknowingly picking one last-minute. After watching the first 15 minutes, I knew I had entered the deep waters of bad movies Netflix viewers ultimately stumble upon. The only reason why I stayed is because the love interest Troy (Laviscount) is someone I used to follow on Instagram because he's absolutely stunning. After IMDB-ing the movie to assure myself of his identity, I decided to watch the remaining hour and thirty minutes out of adoration. I regret nothing.

Honeytrap isn't the best movie to invest your time in. Its potential storyline dramatically falters and the script does nothing to develop the characters nor grasp your interest. You're essentially watching a desperate 15-year-old girl fall in love with a bad boy who flip-flops between claiming her as his girlfriend and not knowing her at all. He's a textbook fuckboy and watching her fall for him is relatable and also pathetic. That's Honeytrap for you.

There are moments where you may feel empathy after Layla's poor decisions bring violence to supplementary characters, but no one is developed enough to draw real emotional pull. Overall it's just a really disappointing British movie. I expected better since British film has a history of producing rich material. I really just kept watching to ogle Lucien.  

Worth the Netflix? No, just look up Lucien Laviscount on Instagram and marvel.

Worth the Chill? Yeah, teenage angst and hormones bring up some emotions.



Culture editor for volume 109 and 110, Samah spends her time bingewatching Netflix and sipping Starbucks while critiquing music, film and social media. She's specializing in Women's Studies and minoring in Creative Writing.

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