By: Samah Ali, Arts & Life Editor

Student: Salima Naki

Year: Third-year honors spec. French literature

Venture: Kafupi

Salima Naki does everything a typical Western student does: wakes up, drags themselves to class, stands in Tim Hortons lines. What makes her different is her original earring collection made to suit everyone’s styles.

Her jewelry line, Kafupi, has made a presence on the Western entrepreneurial scene as she collaborated with known backpack and clothing company NoR Apparel and is featured in various fashion shows. Turning her fashion hobby into a career, Naki took to earrings since they were a simple fashion accessory worn every day. It was a simple beginning to her growing venture.

“I want everybody to have a piece that suits them in colours and patterns and sizes because everyone has a different approach to their styles,” says Naki.

Why you should care:

Naki’s one goal was to make something that everyone can wear and adapt to their personality. Right now she specializes in earrings, but her next few steps looks towards cufflinks and hijab pins. She even envisions a line dedicated to every African country that would feature different fabrics from each region.

At the end of the day, she cares about one’s individual style and wants to cater to every customer. In the future, she plans on creating custom pieces for clients wanting a specific kind of accessory made from a particular fabric they request, having an exclusive line for her customers.

"Kafupi is Swahili and it means short person," says Naki. "That’s the name I had when I was little and the idea for the brand is that you find the thing that is you. Each piece reflects your own piece of style. 'Kafupi' is my thing, so find your thing with my earrings."

Where you can find her: You can contact Salima at her Kafupi Facebook page and see the rest of her collection on the Kafupi website and Instagram.


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