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London is one step closer to hosting the 2019 Junos with London's city council agreeing to fork out $500,000 if the city wins the bid.

In a unanimous 14–0 decision, city council agreed to pay $500,000 of London's total $1.7-million bid. As for the remaining $1.2 million, Tourism London is still looking for the funding to come from alternative means.

The money goes towards covering logistical expenses and event costs and will only be paid if the bid is successful.

The London Free Press reports that hosting the event could bring in $10 million or more in revenue, which would support local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants.

Other smaller cities that have hosted the Junos have seen similar results: when Calgary hosted the Junos in 2016, they reaped in between $10 to $15 million.

Although it's still uncertain as to whether or not London will be hosting the Junos, Ward 6 councillor Phil Squire says council is hopeful.

"We don't know what the results will be, but given that we hosted the Canadian Country Music Awards [in 2016], we've got a pretty good opportunity to get it," says Squire. 

As for local artists, the London Music Office enabled them to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards, and hopes to do the same for the Junos.

"If local artists get to perform at the Junos, that's a huge step for them. They'll have direct contact with agents, recording companies and people who have been through the [music industry] process," says Squire.

With the Junos bringing in international superstars like Drake and the Weeknd, London's entertainment industry could be invigorated, enabling the city to host other big events in the future.


Vivian Cheng is a third year medical sciences student and Culture Editor for Volume 111. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her curating another playlist or thinking about puppies. You can contact her at vivian.cheng@westerngazette.ca.

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