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To offer more support for students, Angela Treglia's new role as sexual violence prevention education coordinator collaborates with students, faculty and the London community to boost sexual violence education and point survivors in the right direction.

The position focuses on campus education and resources for survivors. It is also an opportunity for survivors to curate a program meeting their needs regarding an assault, whether in the past or this year. 

"Every person who has been subjected to violence has different needs and they really need to drive that process," Treglia begins. "So I also help them understand their options and think through what they may need so we can come to some sort of plan to support them and what they choose as well as what they think would be helpful for them."

The new position differs from Equity and Human Rights Services by exclusively offering support to sexual violence survivors while EHRS gives students and faculty options with situations violating Western's non-discrimination and harassment policy. If an experience goes against the code, EHRS director Larissa Bartlett recommends one should file a formal complaint going through vice-president human resources Jane O'Brien.

Similar to EHRS, Treglia offers students a variety of options and resources to begin the healing process.

She recommends people contact her by email, phone her or drop by her office in Wellness and Education Centre located on the bottom floor of UCC. After the first meeting, Treglia will curate a program with survivors giving them options and outlets catered to their needs. This means programs will vary between people as some may feel comfortable with on-campus resources while others may seek off-campus help.

"When coming to speak with me you won’t have to take any specific roots or actions, it's really about understanding your options so you can make informed choices about what is the best path for you at that moment in time," Treglia says.

Some of the on-campus resources can be accessed through psychological services, student health services, residence counselling. Treglia also recommends off-campus resources at St. Joseph's Hospital's Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre and Sexual Assault Centre London.

Treglia continues saying, "Speaking to those individuals who are wondering what to do, they're not sure where to turn, know that you can always reach out to me and I can help you figure out what that may look like for you."

Specializing with sexual violence reduces the confusion one may feel and offers another resource to reach out to instead of bouncing from office to office. The sexual violence education coordinator is another position to make students' experiences on campus better, no matter their situation.


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