McIntosh Gallery

Candy-red doors, Canadian art and an arched gateway dripping with ivy — McIntosh Gallery is one of the prettiest spots on an already idyllic campus. Admission to McIntosh is by donation, and the oldest university art gallery in Ontario's architecture makes it as striking outside as the artwork within.

So snap a classy photo at McIntosh to let your friends know you're cultured — until your next Insta laden with red solo cups, that is. 

Exploring a little bit of Western with the bestie xx

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You gotta take some Ls before you get Ws. That's just how the alphabet works – @khandrogo

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University College Hill

University College Hill swarms with alumni during convocation, and for good reason — it's the most iconic spot on campus. The building was one of the first erected at the university, and it's been emblematic of Western ever since.

It pops up in selfies every time of day, every season and year after year after year. At this point it's a touch clichéd, like your skinny, iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. But eventually the mood strikes, and you do it for the Insta. #noregrets

Puppy love

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Middlesex College 

If University College was the Eiffel Tower, Middlesex College would be the Arc d'Triumph: you didn't really come to Western unless you have a photo with both.

Middlesex College's gothic clock tower was built in 1960, and in the age of social media it screams for selfie.   

These streets took my conscience👨🏼‍🎓

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Western's greenhouses 

Western's greenhouses are campus's hidden jewel box, especially in the winter. Approximately 650 squared metres adjoin the biology and geology building, and the largest greenhouse, the Tropical House, boasts a fish pond. The greenhouses are open to the public, so if you're looking for a vacay-inspired photo without the plane ticket, the greenhouses will do the trick.  

Walking right out of a Calvin Harris music video. #funkwavbouncesvol1 #tropical

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the greenhouse sessions

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Weldon Library

Only Instagram could transform Weldon Library's aesthetic from prison-like bomb shelter to library chic, but somehow Western students pull it off. If you wander up through the stacks, you'll find the colourful book spines and polished concrete floors help craft a post that makes you look both brainy and cute. Word to the wise: stay away from exterior shots. Western's other buildings offer much more curb appeal.

#summer #graduation #portrait #July #libraryqueen

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. My mind got stolen 😞 سُرِقَ عقلي.

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