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Every Friday at noon, lines of rhymes and '90s style rap beats surround the main staircase in the University Community Centre, adding flare and charisma to a space that is usually recycling club booths and empty Timmies cups. 


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“I want to be someone who's real and who can mess up and who can be imperfect and awkward and weird sometimes but can also convey following your heart and following your dreams,” POESY says.

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Western University's Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) have been planning a talent showcase in the vein of America's Got Talent in order to raise money for charity while displaying a variety of campus talent.

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After touring in support of the Harmony album for three years, Ryder moved to Los Angeles for a break. Only, her art had other plans. 

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Silverstein is one of those bands that never fails to impress, and Saturday night was no exception, with the band delivering in-your-face, heavy, emo throwbacks.

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