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With easy-to-follow video tutorials, students can learn from industry experts at their own pace, on their own time. Here are some of the most effective classes you can take on  lynda.com to advance your career.

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Sunday and Monday saw first-years move away from home and into their new residence habitats.…

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Western's community, like other great historical groups, is guided by our purple core.

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Whether you hope to make friends, try something new or keep up with your favourite hobbies, joining a club is an easy way to enhance your first-year experience. With 213 clubs to choose from, there's a spot for every Mustang to call home. To acquaint you with the many clubs offered at Wester…

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London offers a variety of local alternatives to chains or big box stores. Be sure to check them out and support your local businesses!

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Can't pay for that cocktail at Barney's you've been wanting to try? Here's a guide to revel in big bucks while sparing your bank account's life.

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While moving into a new city may be hard — in a new location with little familiarity — don’t just stick close to campus. Make an effort to explore the city and take advantage of the different forms of public transportation at your service. 

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For most of you, university will be the first time you’ve ever lived away from home. This is both exciting and terrifying for so many reasons. Sure, you’ve ditched nagging parents, nosy teachers and unfair curfews. But you’ve also gained a lot of independence, which really means responsibility.

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