Savio Joseph

There’s an adage that tells us if you can turn your hobby into a career, you will never work a day in your life.

For Savio Joseph, magic is his hobby.

Savio, a first-year computer sciences student at Western, has been studying the art of magic and illusion since he was 10 years old. It all started with learning a couple of simple tricks when Savio received a magic kit from one of his friends. By the age of 17, he had turned his hobby into a business, specializing in close-up magic.

“I think the best part of it is just the reaction and the feeling of joy that people get,” says Savio. “Just the feeling of being able to make the impossible possible, even if it’s just for a few seconds.”

Savio remembers the very first time when he was hired to do a magic show. Revelling in amazement that he was able to earn money from doing something that he loves, he began reading about how to start a company and create his own brand.

Inspired by Canadian magician and illusionist Shawn Farquhar who won the Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, Savio believes that his personality is what sets him apart from other magical entertainers.

“The reason why people call you over and over again is because you left a lasting impression on them,” says Savio. “Magic is just tricks and if you can do the tricks great, that’s awesome, but the other part of it is being able to connect with the people.”

Besides magic shows, Savio also gives talks as a motivational speaker. Sharing his life experiences, he uses hypnosis as a metaphor to motivate his audience that anything is possible.

Last year, Savio performed at his own sold-out event Nothing Up My Sleeve in Mississauga, and he reveals that he plans on bringing the show to London at the end of May this year. Organizing his own theatre production had been one of his dreams from the very start.

“It was my very first theatre production that I put on with tickets that people could come out and buy,” recalls Savio. “There was a lot of support that came my way, there was a lot of preparation, a lot of practice. It was just a really fun and memorable time of my life.”

Now in university, Savio acknowledges that balancing his studies and his hobby can be difficult. Relying on his time management skills, he makes sure that he’s completing school work while taking breaks to practice and brainstorm new ideas for his shows.

Although he is uncertain about the future, he shares that he likes the idea of starting his own business or creating his own app. However, he hopes that he will be able to continue growing as a magician.

“Magic keeps me sane even though I have so many hours of class and exams,” says Savio. “It’s my way out to just forget about everything else and just focus on that one thing that I love … If you’re passionate about it, really go and chase the dream.”

If you’d like to see some magic, check out Savio's Facebook or his website.


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