UCC, USC, SSC and SSSC. Western University sure does love its acronyms. It can take months, maybe even all of first year to memorize Western's jargon, so we've compiled a list of essential terms to learn.


This popular acronym stands for the University Community Centre, and it's one of the most bustling buildings on campus. The UCC's main atrium hosts different events throughout the year, such as clubs week, as well as different vendors. Also within the UCC is the Mustang Lounge which is a study spot most days and a venue for concerts and speakers sometimes. There are also restaurants and eateries including the Spoke, the Wave, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway and Centre Spot. 


The University Students' Council is Western's student government: a non-profit corporation that advocates on behalf of undergraduates and provides services for them. It's headed by a student executive which includes an annually elected president and vice-president. The USC plans a host of events throughout the year, starting with O-Week. It provides dozens of services for students including a late night shuttle, the Mustang Express, and the student health plan. The USC's funded through an ancillary fee paid by each student, so it's worth your while to know where your money is going.


Sophs are upper-year students you'll meet the moment you move into residence. There are hundreds of sophs who each mentor around 20 to 30 students — their frosh — each year. They'll guide you through O-Week and be a resource throughout the academic year.


The Leadership and Mentorship Program matches first-year students with an upper-year mentor. LAMP mentors help you with academic queries throughout the year, just remember to sign up for one online. 

Office of the Registrar and Student Central

The registrar's office handles a myriad of academic needs. The office is located right next to the UCC and produces everything from the Western ONECard (your student ID) to the academic calendar. The Office of the Registrar also administers Student Central, the office that processes tuition fees, helps with course registration and provides official transcripts. 

Student Centre

This website's an essential resource for Western students. Course registration, final grades, transcripts, tuition statements and more are all provided through this website. 


Another extremely important website is OWL. For every course you're enrolled in, your professor will likely set up an OWL page that contains the syllabus (course outline), lectures, exam prep, assignment submissions, online quizzes and forums. Check OWL frequently to stay on top of your school work, and if you hear your prof say "Sakai," they're referring to the OWL system's former name.


The London Transit Commission is London's central bus system. It can be difficult for students from different cities to operate, so make sure to check out their website and download their app for route information. A few years ago, Google Maps added LTC's bus routes to its database, so when in doubt just Google an address to find transit directions.