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Students bustle around Western University on a typical day in October. As they filter in and…

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Negotiations between Western University's teaching assistants union and the administration were jettisoned after Provost Janice M. Deakin sent a mass email to graduate assistants advising them to eat cake. 

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An unusually lengthy University Students' Council meeting was marked by the birth, life and death of area man Robert Walpole, who grew to a ripe old age in council chambers.

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There’s nothing more satisfying than the sweet taste of tar and ammonia after a long night of studying at the library. That’s why Western University smokers are enraged about the school-wide smoking ban that is set to take place next year. 

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Following the success of their 2017–18 seasons, a handful of Western University’s varsity teams have applied for National Collegiate Athletic Association eligibility. Among the teams that are officially too good for Ontario University Athletics and U Sports are the Mustangs football, softbal…

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It’s Aries season, bitch! Mercury went into retrograde in the evening of March 22, throwing off communications, work habits and general determination for the next three weeks. Good luck writing exams with that fate written in the stars.

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With new geese representation at Western, the USC is now working on a motion to give campus squirrels representation.

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