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Western's community, like other great historical groups, is guided by our purple core.

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Whether you hope to make friends, try something new or keep up with your favourite hobbies, joining a club is an easy way to enhance your first-year experience. With 213 clubs to choose from, there's a spot for every Mustang to call home. To acquaint you with the many clubs offered at Wester…

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London offers a variety of local alternatives to chains or big box stores. Be sure to check them out and support your local businesses!

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Can't pay for that cocktail at Barney's you've been wanting to try? Here's a guide to revel in big bucks while sparing your bank account's life.

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While moving into a new city may be hard — in a new location with little familiarity — don’t just stick close to campus. Make an effort to explore the city and take advantage of the different forms of public transportation at your service. 

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You'll never meet a group as diverse as this one, so embrace it.

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