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With more and more #MeToo stories surfacing, safety and issues of consent are growing concerns among men and women alike.

  • Temitope Akintola, Shadia Adekunte
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There seems to always be a flawed portrayal of our community in society, turning what should be a beautiful mosaic into a uniform canvas.

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  • Lilian Esene
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Popular clothing line H&M entered the new year with a lot of controversy surrounding an advertisement featuring a young black boy in a sweater that read “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” The advert went viral and ignited uproar and impassioned calls for boycotting. The ongoing debate about…

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The need for black representation on TV goes beyond needing to see black characters on screen. While it is important to tell the stories of minority groups on screen, it is just as important to ensure that the right people are telling such stories. Black representation is also needed behind …

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If you do touch each other, you will get chlamydia. And die. 

  • Ryan Robinson
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Both of my parents wanted me to study hard, find a Godly woman and stay in the church to live a Godly life. Neither of my parents, however, could have predicted I would move away to London, Ont., denounce Christianity and announce I like men.

  • The Black Students’ Association Executive Team 2017–2018
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We are the Black Students’ Association of Western University. Since 1993, the BSA has been a socio-political club with a deep investment in the issues that affect black students on our campus. We are an anti-oppressive space that calls for the celebration of black joy, community and kinship.…

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