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Western administration has proposed introducing parent-professor interviews to all courses at Western for the 2017-18 school year. 

Many students have spoken out against this proposal, including first-year political science student Jason Jones. He said that it will cause harm to students who skip class regularly.

“When students come to university, they gain independence. They should be allowed to skip classes freely without fear of backlash from parents,” he said.

Western administration implemented this plan in response to the rising number of parents of first-year students calling professors regarding their child's progress in their classes. 

Olga Janet, vice-provost academics said because the endless phone calls from parents are impossible to deal with, introducing parent-professor interviews is the most efficient way to deal with these concerns.

Kelly Simpson, parent of first-year biology student Sally Simpson, is ecstatic about this proposal.

“It can be hard to find out how my daughter is doing away from home when she doesn’t respond to my texts or calls,” she said.

Since the announcement of this proposal, class attendance of all first-year classes has gone through the roof. First-year psychology professor Ivanka Frump was in awe when her class at 7 p.m. in North Campus Building was packed.

Students have started to participate more in lectures to ensure a positive review in anticipation of the possible parent-professor interviews.

“I’ve never seen this level of engagement from my class in my 25 years of teaching at this school,” she said.

Scott Sanderson, social psychology professor, said that this increase in participation has become overwhelming.

“Now that students are concerned about their participation, I can barely get through lecture because of the number of students asking questions. Students coming to my office hours are lined up down the hall,” he said.

Whether or not administration will follow through with the proposal will be determined by the end of the school year. 



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