We are the Black Students’ Association of Western University. Since 1993, the BSA has been a socio-political club with a deep investment in the issues that affect black students on our campus. We are an anti-oppressive space that calls for the celebration of black joy, community and kinship. The events that we organize for our members are designed for black Western students to remain conscious of and to critically analyze the various black experiences.

This year is the BSA’s 25th anniversary, and in commemoration of our establishment and Black History Month, we wanted to reflect on our experiences as black students at Western University. Together, we position ourselves as both teacher and student and effectively "speak truth to power." To be black at Western is to be in an incredibly unique and challenging position. To be a black student at Western is to create our own space, change our own narratives and create our own traditions. The Black History Month issue is an intimate display of our stories, lives and journeys. We are academics, singers, dancers and creatives. Everything that we are and everything that we hope to be can be attributed to the strong executive teams and dedicated BSA members that we have had over the years. Through hard work, we have curated the most incredible group that has continued to support and nourish black students on campus. Twenty-five years later, we are still black, we are still proud and we are here to reclaim our time.

— The Black Students’ Association executive team 2017–18