Photo by Liam McInnis, Graphic by Jordan McGavin / GAZETTE

A majority vote was reached at last night's University Students' Council meeting to give Western University's geese representation on the USC.

One goose has been elected as councillor to represent Western’s geese-at-large. The USC will also be initiating a geese advocacy group and working committee to improve conditions on campus for geese.

“The goal is for Western’s geese to feel like a part of our community. We are looking to implement goose access to various buildings on campus, starting with Talbot College and the University Community Centre,” said incoming USC president, Mitchell Pratt.

Currently, geese rights are limited on campus. Geese are only permitted on outdoor campus locations like University College Hill and are not permitted inside any campus buildings. They also do not have proper access to sanitary disposal locations and cafeterias.

Western’s geese have been advocating for their rights since 1880, although not always holding peaceful protests: last year a goose attacked a student on campus and deliberately pooped on University College Hill, sparking backlash from students. 

“We did what we had to do. If poop and goose attacks get people to listen, then that’s just what we’ll do,” Will Gosling, elected USC goose councillor said.

Gosling notes that his mission as USC’s goose councillor will be to make geese feel included in the community in all aspects. 

"As a fourth-year Western goose myself, I've been here long enough to see the unfair treatment from Western's students and faculty members. They make us geese feel like we're animals, but as we all know, we are so much more than that," Gosling said. 

One Western goose also expressed his thoughts on geese representation at the USC.

“It’s about fricken time. We’ve advocated for our rights for long enough. We fly south every winter because there’s nowhere safe here for us to stay. We’re just as much a part of the Western community as students,” Flynn Goosey said, a third-year Western goose.

With new geese representation at Western, the USC is now working on a motion to give campus squirrels representation.

Interviews were conducted with the help of a goose language translator.