Self-described entrepreneur Chad Duke has come up with a revolutionary new idea that he promises will be a game changer for all Western University students.

While the third-year management and organizations studies student's project remains top secret, Duke promises more details will be announced soon. He gave a conservative estimate of release for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018. He says he has already attracted interest from several high profile investors and peers who want to get involved.

“A lot of people have come to me saying they want to be a part of it,” Duke says. “But after extensive interviews, I realized they just don’t have that same drive for innovation that I do.” 

Duke says that being an entrepreneur is more than a job; it’s really a lifestyle choice, one that most people are wholly incapable of.

“I don’t watch movies, watch TV or associate with plebs,” Duke says.

In order to innovate on campus, Duke has dedicated all his time to the student entrepreneurship culture. One day, he hopes he’ll be able to work nine to five instead of the 24/7 grind he is currently engaged with. As for where he gets his ideas, he says it's really quite simple: flashes of genius.

“Every day I go on campus, I always see people going about their lives and think, there’s an easier way to do that. It’s a kind of an intuition I think you have to be born with,” Duke says.

In the meantime, Duke made sure to mention his taxi cab app that’s “way different than Uber,” as well as his in-development instant messaging application “that will have Zuckerberg salivating.” 



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