Kirill Kokorin

His first priority is his vision; everything else comes second.

For Kirill Kokorin, his dreams for his business, a venture in door-to-door sales and marketing, is one of his major passions.

“I believe that it is so much more powerful following your own vision, rather than making somebody else’s dream come true," Kirill says. "It’s been going fairly well so far and I’ve been enjoying every moment of it."

The third-year mechanical engineering student at Western University currently balances a full-time engineering course load while running his company, A+.

The company focuses on allowing high-school students and young individuals who wish to pursue a career in sales to hit the ground running through door-to-door sales for the home services industry.

“[Door-to-door sales taught me] how to take a solid no and turn it into a yes, and I was able to translate this into every part of my life,” he says.

For Kirill, however, work isn’t his entire life. Part of the reason he loves the field so much is for the chance to meet different people and connect with them on different levels.

“Networking to me is very important,” Kirill says. “Wherever I go, it doesn’t matter if it’s the library or the gym, I will always want to meet people — you never know who you’re going to meet anywhere."

Considering the type of business he’s in, Kirill says it should come as no surprise that he’s also an adrenaline junkie. When he's not at school or working, he spends his time on ski trips or anything that will get his heart racing.

“There’s this place called the London Aquatics Centrer and they have these huge diving boards that are 10 metres high, so whenever I’m not doing business, I’m doing backflips off those things,” Kirill says.

Kirill is the definition of time management, being able to balance a heavy school load, run a business and have a social life, all at the age of 21.

While he spends a lot of his time working hard, he still uses his downtime to motivate himself and continue the learning process.

“With downtime, recently what I started doing was I started watching movies and reading books about very powerful people,” Kirill says. “I really like taking them as an example.” 

Kirill is one of the many goal-oriented entrepreneurs and students at Western who takes dedication to a new level. In terms of a long term plan, however, he just wants to keep on moving at his own pace. 

“It’s funny, I get asked [where I think I will be in five years] all the time, but I really don’t have an answer for you," Kirill says. "Interview me in five years.” 

In the meantime, Kirill learns what he can through the resources that he is offered and through the people that he continues to meet in his day-to-day life.

Above all, he continues to surprise himself with how far his dreams have brought him. 

“Five years ago if you were to ask me where I would be, I wouldn’t have any idea I would be where I am now,” he says.

So if you see Kirill in five years, ask him what he's up to. You'll probably get a great answer. 


Jenny Jay is a passionate creative. When she's not snapping photos or shooting documentaries, she also works as a full time photographer and creator. Previously, she was a photo editor for Volume 109, and an Arts and Life Editor for Volume 108.

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