On Saturday night, London Music Hall was transformed for The Purple Spur fashion show: Crave, dubbed “Western’s Sexiest Fashion Show.” The annual event has grown in size since it was founded in 2010, starting as a small event held in local bars and growing to one of Western’s largest fashion shows with over 60 models and 400 attendees. Members of the audience included representatives from the London Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, the beneficiary of the event.

The show began with a speech from the president of the London chapter of MADD, Mary Rodrigues. The charity was selected following the death of first-year Western student Andrea Christidis, who was struck on campus by a drunk driver in October. Similar drinking and driving events that occurred in the GTA around the same time reinforced the organizers' choice of MADD as the beneficiary of the event.

There were seven main acts in the show: streetwear, modern, swim, formal, lingerie, fitness and Western. Each act featured a distinctly different feel, but all carried the spirit of the theme, Crave. Using fun candy props, all looks were undeniably sexy. A wide range of designers were featured, including local brands Illbury + Goose, Elizabeth Noel and Jordan Stewart, as well as national names such as Moore’s and Urban Outfitters.

The first act, streetwear, featured a range of casual clothing and accessories from Illbury + Goose.  Set to Maroon 5’s Sugar, the overall feel of the scene was flirty, with the girls all sporting fun accessories like cotton candy and oversized lollipops, teasing the male stars. In this modern fashion scene, the models strutted down the stage wearing unique but fashionable pieces such as cat ears and modern prints.

The swimwear portion of the evening saw the stage transform into an upbeat beach party to the sounds of Katy Perry’s California Gurls. All of the models wore fun, brightly coloured two pieces or swim shorts and strutted down the stage sporting inflatable pool toys, which they threw into the audience.

The musical talents of select models were featured following the intermission. Model Sarah Botelho sang a powerful version of Florence and the Machine’s Shake It Out, while a group comprised of Nick Bright, Michael Clegg, Jamie Golob and Matt McGrath performed two fan favourites, including Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself.

The highlights of the show were undoubtedly the formal and lingerie scenes.  Set to Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition, the short vignettes between the men and women culminated in a series of romantic moments. The most poignant of these was a proposal using a candy ring.  

Purple Spur fashion3 Jenny Jay.jpg

The lingerie portion, which captured the audience’s attention more so than the previous acts, was comparably raunchy with the male models emerging first in black Calvin Klein boxers performing a Magic Mike-esque dance to 50 Cent’s Candy Shop. Then it was the ladies’ turn; they came out wearing heels and silk robes, which they pulled open to reveal lingerie as they strutted to the end of the runway. The men then returned to the stage and the models commanded the stage in pairs amidst cheers and whistles from the crowd.

Next was the fitness portion, set to Fergie’s Fergalicious. What was unique about this segment was that it featured models performing exercises such as squats and bicep curls, with actual fitness equipment. This prop usage kept the audience entertained and proved that these clothes weren’t just for show, but were also functional.

Western pride closed the show, with all of the models returning to the stage proudly wearing Mustang purple. This was by far the highest-energy scene and the models showcased their school spirit with acrobatic tricks and spraying confetti into the audience.

The club far exceeded their initial fundraising goal of $10,000, raising $20,042 for MADD.

The Purple Spur created a cohesive and entertaining fashion show, integrating their theme, Crave, into every segment. Everything down to the model’s outfits, music, timing and choreography, was planned and executed perfectly. The event was truly “Western’s sexiest fashion show” to date. 


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