Broughdale abortion flyer

Houses in a popular student neighbourhood — around Broughdale St. and Huron St. — were covered with graphic anti-abortion door flyers Wednesday morning.

"It’s pretty shocking, the photographs on it are very shocking," said Charlotte Carment-Baker, a fourth-year health science student who lives on Broughdale.

The flyers, sent out by the local group London Against Abortion and created by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, had strong messages against abortions. The front of the flyer contained graphic representations of pre-natal embryos and a first-trimester aborted embryo.

"It's [London Against Abortion] an educational pro-life group here in London that aims to educate the London area about the human rights violations of abortions taking place in our country by showing visual evidence," said Oriyana Hryshyn, a fourth-year medical sciences and genetics student and a member of the group. 

On the backside of the flyer, there were bold questions about abortion such as: "Will it unrape a rape victim?", "Is it right to kill an innocent child when adults face challenges?" and, "Would we kill an infant or toddler because her parent was poor?" 

CCBR has also handed out flyers in other areas across the province, including Toronto, where there was a case in which a mother took the flyers out of mailboxes, fearing children would be disturbed by them.

Hryshyn said the images are disturbing as she believes abortion itself is disturbing. 

Some students the Gazette interviewed were not pleased about the flyers and did not agree with the message or tactic.

“It’s stating things like abortion doesn’t solve any problems, but that’s a very blanket statement... and it’s not how [all] people feel when you’re in that kind of position and that might be the only right choice for you," Carment-Baker said. 

Anika Gurm, a third-year student, said she thinks students were targeted because they are going through a transition period and facing many new decisions.

“I think everyone is entitled to their own choices, so it’s not really fair," Gurm said.

Hryshyn believes university students have higher rates of abortions and that's part of why the surrounding university area was selected. 

“Perhaps they think students are likely to get abortions, maybe people in our age group have more pro-choice attitudes,” said Brian Lauzon, a fourth-year physiology student who lives on Broughdale. “I don’t think it’s right that they should be doing things like this.”

By mid-afternoon, barely any flyers were seen left on doors.


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