The 2017 University Students’ Council elections process will soon be underway with nominations opening on Dec. 5.

Here is a rundown of the positions students can run for this year and the positions students will be voting for on the USC ballot: 

President/vice-president slate

As president and CEO of the USC, their role is “to represent the interests of the University Students’ Council and the student body and oversee and provide strategic direction for the organization.” The president also makes corporate decisions with the Board of Directors.

The vice-president is largely responsible for advocating on behalf of students to external institutions that affect students and post-secondary educational policies.

USC councillors

A councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by their own faculty undergraduate peers to represent their interests on the council floor. This includes faculty council presidents and other elected students. There are multiple councillors representing each faculty with the exceptions of music, medicine, law, FIMS, education and dentistry who have one seat on the council. USC councillors play a large role in passing the USC budget.

Faculty council presidents

(Science, Social Science, Music, Medicine, Law, Health Sciences, FIMS, Engineering, Education, Dentistry, Business, Arts & Humanities)

They play a larger role in their own faculty council, such as allocation of their faculty council budget. On the USC, they are for the most part treated the same as councillors and are seen as a mentor to councillors within their constituency but have no differing responsibilities.

Affiliate student council presidents (Brescia, Huron, King’s)

Student council presidents of Brescia, Huron and King's get a seat on the USC council to represent their constituents and make sure USC decisions serve all students, not just main campus.

London Youth Advisory Council — Western Councillor

According to their website, LYAC councillors represent London citizens aged 15–25 and amplify their voices to local politicians and civic leaders. Councillors work to integrate youth perspectives into important decisions about local issues by committing to community engagement, research, policy development and advocacy.

Nominations open at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 5 and students can pick up nominations forms in the UCC atrium and the USC office located in UCC Room 340. 

Nominations close Jan. 13 at midnight and students will submit their form at the front desk of the USC office.

USC secretary treasurer Isaac Jacobi said to expect campaigns closer to the nomination period about the different positions and their responsibilities.