The principal of Brescia University College, Colleen Hanycz, received double her annual salary in 2013, the same year her contract was renewed.

The doubled salary figure is unusual and bears a striking similarity to the compensation Western University President Amit Chakma received last year. Both Hanycz and Chakma made double their annual earnings in years their contracts were renewed and both of their salaries go back down to normal levels the following year.

Jim Macdonald, Brescia's director of human resources, declined to provide details of Hanycz's contract.

In 2009, her first year as principal, Hanycz made $213,552.92. This rose to $222,600.04 in base salary the next year and remained frozen for the next two years.

In 2013, five years after she was appointed principal, Hanycz received almost exactly double this amount, $444,386.17. Sheila Blagrave, a Brescia spokesperson, confirmed Hanycz was reappointed on July 1, 2013 by Brescia's council of trustees, which is now named the board of trustees.

This year's Sunshine List shows Hanycz earning $265,000.06.

Liz Hewitt, chair of the board of trustees of Brescia, was unavailable for comment.

Salary jump similar to Western President Chakma's

The nature of the jump in Hanycz's salary is similar to what Western University President Chakma received last year when he was granted a cash payout for continuing on as president rather than taking an administrative leave as he was entitled to.

Chakma's contract was renewed in 2014, five years after he was first appointed president, and he received $924,000 in compensation, up from his usual $440,000. Chakma said yesterday that he would return the "double payment," as it's been called, to the University.

London West MPP Peggy Sattler has introduced a private members' bill to the provincial legislature to prohibit deals similar to what Chakma received in the future.