Western's 2015 salary disclosure was notable again for the same name, albeit for a slightly different reason this time: Amit Chakma didn't make the list after coming in among the highest paid in all the province in 2014.

Nearly 1,300 Western employees earned over $100,000 in salary last year according to the university's annual salary disclosure released on Thursday morning.

The highest salary on the list was awarded to the dean of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Michael Strong, who received $487,126 in 2015.

Notably absent from the list is Western president Amit Chakma, who in April 2015 voluntarily refunded half of his 2014 salary — which was doubled for not taking a year of administrative leave — after backlash from the Western community.

"We hope that the actions that the president and the board’s taken since this arose a year ago ... we’re making some headway and people are feeling more comfortable," said Hanny Hassan, chair of the Board of Governors.

1,298 employees were named on the disclosure, an increase of 51 employees from 2014. The top 25 salaries ranged from $287,601.24 to $487,126, and 19 of those earners were male. Of the top earners, 12 were from the Ivey School of Business, five were senior administrators, four were from Shulich, two were from law and one was from each of science and social science.

"We are satisfied that the salaries that Western faculties and staff get is as fair a compensation for what each of them do reflective of the responsibility, whether it’s academic or professional, and the credentials they’ve got and their years of service," Hassan said of the volume of salaries over $100,000.

Hassan continued that a key element in providing the best student experience involves having the best people able to provide it, and so the salaries are competitive in order to attract high-quality staff.

Keith Marnoch, director media relations at Western, said that the staff members on the list provides substantial value to Western.

"A look through the list shows individuals who play a key role in the delivery of Western’s mission of teaching and research in Canada and internationally. 90 per cent of those on the list are faculty members," Marnoch said in an email. "Their work, in many cases, has significant, positive impact here in Canada and around the world. Many also have long service records."

At affiliate colleges, Brescia had 25 employees make the Sunshine List, Huron had 30 and King's had 88. The highest earner at an affiliate college was former Brescia principal Colleen Hanycz who made $294,218 despite leaving her post mid-way through the year.

Despite the high number of staff on the list, USC president Sophie Helpard finds the disclosure to be a positive step for the university.

"I think students should be very happy that the Sunshine List is a mechanism for transparency and something that keeps staff and faculty as accountable as possible," Helpard said. "Western is a huge institution as seen by the amount of employees seen on the list, but I do think it reflects just how many people it takes to keep a school like this running."