The sixth council meeting of the 2016–17 year will be taking place today and will focus on the CHRW funding motion, electing eight Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) general assembly representatives and electing executive selection committee members.

According to USC secretary-treasurer Isaac Jacobi, members for the executive selection committee will be selected from among the council members and will be involved in the process for hiring next year's secretary-treasurer and communications officer.

Out of the five executive USC positions, the president and vice-president are elected by students at large, the student programs officer is elected in a council election and the secretary-treasurer and communications officer are hired positions. 

OUSA general delegates positions are open for anyone who wishes to apply even if they're not involved with the USC.

“Applicants will get a few minutes to present about why they feel they’re qualified and how they will represent students in those positions," explained Jacobi. "And then council will vote.”

Jacobi said that council should keep the skill sets that are required for the positions in mind while selecting from their peers, while also evaluating who has the necessary expertise and who can best represent the student body.

The next thing on the agenda is to decide on CHRW funding. Last year, the council had asked CHRW to present an alternative funding model during this coming meeting. This model was to include a 25 per cent reduction of CHRW's student fee. 

However, CHRW will not be presenting an alternative funding model to the meeting. Instead, they would like to maintain the current student fee of $13.15 and will make a presentation on the importance of having a radio station at Western with proper funding.

Council will be debating on three options to move the CHRW motion forward: to reduce student fee funding for CHRW, to put a referendum to students to remove the CHRW fee entirely or to remain with the current CHRW fees.

“I think councillors should keep in mind the very real restrictions that are on CHRW,” said Jacobi. “I also think they should be mindful of the number of undergraduates that actually benefit from CHRW while comparing that to the graduate students that benefit from CHRW, the number of London-ers that benefit from CHRW and keeping in mind that undergraduate students pay the majority of their funding.”

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. this Wednesday night in Council Chambers. The full council agenda can be viewed below.


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