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The University Students' Council will debate a motion to hold a referendum on CHRW and be presented with a revised budget at tomorrow's meeting.

The referendum motion comes in response to a blog post written by a former student questioning the return students get from CHRW.

Undergraduate students pay $13.15 each to fund CHRW, which is overwhelmingly funded by these revenues. The non-commercial radio station also receives some revenue from advertising and an annual fundraising drive.

The motion notes the CHRW fee hasn't been reviewed since its inception in 1979–80 and students should have a say in where their student fees are going.

While the vote will put a referendum on the agenda for next year, it doesn't necessarily mean it's set in stone.

"At a later point in time, like with all motions, council can vote to rescind the decision," said Jonathan English, secretary-treasurer. "This, however, would require a greater threshold of votes and can only be attempted once. If this motion to rescind fails, then the referendum would have to take place and CHRW would likely need to campaign for their preferred outcome."

Kevin Hurren, communications officer, added that in the event CHRW would lose a referendum, they could still receive funding from students via a second referendum.

"CHRW could collaborate with council members to introduce a second referendum altering the fee to a lesser amount rather than removing all funding," Hurren said. "Alternatively, in the time CHRW has from now to next year, the station could seek other sources of funding."

The USC's fiscal 2017 budget will be presented to council by president Sophie Helpard. The budget has been updated since it was first presented to the board of directors earlier in February.

A number of changes were made to the student fees and how the budget was presented after questions from The Gazette. A revised draft of the budget was unavailable in time for publication but changes include an updated presentation of previous budget numbers, a lowered OUSA fee and an explanation of inflationary increases, according to Hurren.

Council will also be debating a reform of their standing committees from the current six down to four.

Also on the agenda for Wednesday is a presentation on Western's mental health supports, motions on a definitions policy of USC terms, a budget approval policy and council composition procedure, and reports from the executives and standing committees.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the community room on the second floor of the UCC. Follow @NewsAtGazette on Twitter for live updates.


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