After three years of working with the elections committee, Erin McCauley, a third-year Ivey HBA student, has been hired as the USC's new secretary-treasurer. 

McCauley is very excited about her new role and her position in the executive.

"I think that my role within the executive is being an anchor. So hearing all of their ideas and then helping them find a way to facilitate those within the governance and finance constraints," McCauley said.

McCauley has had a knack for bylaws and elections since high school when she worked on her student council's elections team. This year she was the USC's elections governance committee's chief returning officer (CRO). Some of her decisions came into question when Team DiBrina filed seven appeals after the elections, but the Appeals Board upheld all of her decisions, reaffirming her actions. 

Over the next few weeks McCauley says she'll be trying to learn as much as she can from Isaac Jacobi, the current secretary-treasurer, who she thinks did a great job in the role. 

"I think it's really important in a role like this where the turnover is every year, finding that continuity and making sure I'm approaching things with my own twist but still continuing what he's been working on," McCauley said. 

McCauley noted that the incoming president/vice-president are USC outsiders and she looks forward to bringing her USC and bylaw knowledge to help them bring their vision to life.

"I think that they had a lot of great ideas, so I'll help them work out the feasibility of their Wave breakfast or other really ambitious goals and finding a way to make those work," McCauley said.