Ava Williams, former Western student and sexual assault survivor from the Globe and Mail's "Unfounded" series, is suing London Police Service (LPS).

As previously reported, Williams went to LPS to report a sexual assault that occurred while she was a student at Western. LPS determined that her case was 'unfounded' — meaning police determined that a crime never occurred. 

In her statement of claim, Williams argues LPS detective's handling of her case was discriminatory based on gender and the way her case was handled was unconstitutional. 

Williams specifically names the detective who interviewed her after the attack, Staff Sgt. Paul Gambriel, and states he relied on sexual stereotypes when discussing her case. Williams told Gambriel she said "no" to her attacker and was too intoxicated to be capable of consent, however Gambriel referred to the case as consensual. 

Additionally, Williams asks for an annual review of unfounded investigations led by a court-appointed panel. 

LPS is currently also in the midst of reviewing their practices and has partnered with Victims Services of Middlesex-London to support victims and survivors of "crime and tragic" circumstances in London.