A former Western University psychiatrist was severely reprimanded by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) for abusing patients under his care for over a decade, in a ruling earlier this week.

Stanley Dobrowolski, a London-based psychiatrist, is currently serving a four-year sentence for sexual assault and voyeurism in his private practice after 1995. However, during his term at Western Student Health Services (WSHS), concerns were brought forward regarding his inappropriate interactions with female students. 

In a CPSO discipline committee hearing on Jan. 23 Dobrowolski was reprimanded for his actions publicly.

As the Canadian Press reported, CPSO said Dobrowolski caused “deep anguish and lasting harm” to patients for “selfish and perverse gratification.”

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“Your actions betrayed the fundamental ethics and principles to which we all swore when we became physicians,” said Dr. William King, a discipline committee member. “You have brought shame on yourself; you have brought shame to the profession.”

Western's administration apologized for Dobrowolski's actions in 2016 following a lawsuit brought forth against the university by a former Western student and patient of Dobrowolski's.  Last year, Western was aware of three former female students who were assaulted by Dobrowolski.

“We view the safety of our students as paramount and want to publicly acknowledge that what happened to these young women was wrong,” said Janice Deakin, Western’s provost and vice-president academic. 

Deakin additionally acknowledged that the apology should have happened 20 years earlier when the incidents first occurred. 

“Western’s senior administration and I know that an apology cannot undo what happened to young women who trusted a psychiatrist working in Western’s Student Health Services who, in turn, violated that trust,” Western President Amit Chakma said.


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