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If you’re a frequent patron of the Western’s Rec Centre, you might notice that there is an empty spot where scales used to be in the change rooms.

In the pursuit of health and wellness, many individuals use the scales to keep track of their weight. The ability to have a quantifiable measurement makes it easy to set fitness goals. 

Recently, Carleton University decided to remove scales from their own gym to discourage people from solely focusing on their weight. With Western's Rec Centre's scales still missing, members have been speculating that the staff has also chosen to remove them completely in order to address these body shaming issues.

Amidst these rumours, Jenna Smith, membership services program co-ordinator, assured that this was not the case.

“We value the importance a scale can play in our members' fitness plans,” said Smith. “But we need to make sure further equipment is not damaged.”

Smith explained that scales were originally located in both the male and female change rooms. She said that when the scale in the male change room broke, the staff placed the scale from the female change room into the gender neutral change room so all members would have access to it.

However, after the relocation, members tried to move it into the male change room. The moving process damaged the scale’s power cord, rendering both scales unusable.

Yet Rec Centre staff have been constantly approached by gym members, asking them whether the scales would return to the change rooms.

According to Smith, they are in the process of finding a durable replacement.

“Research was recently completed as I consulted campus recreation centres across universities within Canada,” said Smith. “We wanted to look at similar products as well as the longevity to determine which product was going to be the best investment for the WSRC.”

Smith expressed that the Rec Centre is working hard to find a suitable supplier and are hoping to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In the meantime, a temporary scale can be found across the equipment rental desk at the Rec Centre.


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