Students elected Team PrattChang as their 2018-19 president and vice-president of the University Students’ Council in a triumphant win. 

The team won with 4,922 votes, beating rival slate Team Ocean, who finished with 1,661 votes.

“It’s honestly a tidal wave of emotions; I’m not even sure how to deal with it right now,” said Mitchell Pratt, president-elect.

Vice-president-elect, Danny Chang, echoed Pratt.

"I don’t know if it’s a mix of excitement, happiness or lack of sleep, but I feel like I’m on cloud nine," Chang said. "There are so many people who feel separate from the USC, and that’s a big demographic we wanted to talk to. I guess we’ve been successful, and it’s an awesome feeling."

Mitchell’s parents were in the crowd for the win. After watching all of the debates on live stream, Linda Joakim, Pratt's mother, said that she was proud of her son and commended Team Ocean for being a classy competitor.

“I just want to honestly thank Team Ocean and thank our team as well for just working hard. It feels so surreal,” Pratt said.

Current USC vice-president Landon Tulk said the night was bittersweet.

"Tobi and I were just thinking back to what it was like for us to be sitting on that couch and to not know which way the situation is going to go. It’s exciting,” he said. 

"We’re so grateful for this opportunity, and we just want to continue listening to students." Chang said.