Following the success of the "I luv Mustangs" shirts that were sold as a part of the Homecoming T-shirt contest, the Purple Store is back at it again — but this time, the theme is green.

The St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt contest provides students with the opportunity to showcase their talent by submitting their designs. The winning T-shirt will be sold along with this year's St. Paddy’s Day clothing lineup at the Purple Store.

“The, 'I luv Mustangs' shirt blew everything else at the Purple Store out of the water! The idea was staring in my face and I was like, why don’t we do this more often?” said Emily Ross, communications officer.

The winner(s) of the contest will receive one of their own shirts that they have designed as well as a $50 gift card to the Purple Store.

“We are not 100 per cent sure what we are going to get. If we get three designs that are amazing, and will sell well, we might just put three student designs,” Ross explains.

Ross noted that the Purple Store is currently in a transition period in which they are putting students at the forefront of everything. This includes inventory, managing the store and coming up with a strategy and vision for the store. 

“For the future, we are looking for the Purple Store to become more of a marketing place for student design,” Ross said. “Will one day students be able to design and profit from their designs and just have the Purple Store be a platform for that? I think that is what we want.” 

The contest is currently open with entries being accepted here until Feb. 17.