Western University’s Senate and Board of Governors elections have come to a close. With a voter turnout of 10.1 per cent, a total of 3,301 out of 32,616 eligible students voted in the online elections. Turnout fell 3.5 per cent from last year; 5,261 students voted in last year's elections.

Voting took place on Feb. 12 and 13, and 12 undergraduate students were elected to Senate and Board of Governors positions.

Board of Governors, undergraduate student at large

Justin Shapiro (science) — 874 votes (31.2 per cent)


Arts and Humanities, Music and FIMS

Massimo Perruzza (philosophy and classics) — 94 votes (57.7 per cent)

Social Science

Jillian Malcolm (accounting and political science) — 337 votes (37.4 per cent)

Daniel Sowinski (political science and philosophy) — 266 votes (29.6 per cent)

Science, including BMSc year one and two students

Parker Thomlinson (general science) — 209 votes (34.9 per cent)

Daniel Olteanu (genetics and biochemistry) — 132 (22.1 per cent)

Schulich, including year three and four BMSc students

Kelvin Zhou (physiology) — 187 votes (53.9 per cent)

Brescia, Huron and Kings

Ainsley Leguard (Brescia) — 200 votes (30.6 per cent)

Domonic McDonald (King’s) — 172 votes (26.3 per cent)

At large

Justin Shapiro (science) — 1245 votes (27.7 per cent)

Justin Kim (Schulich) — 932 votes (20.8 per cent)

Areesa Kanji (social science) — 581 (12.9 per cent)

Lina Ghattas (science) — 444 (9.9 per cent)

The Board of Governors is responsible for setting the university’s mission and strategic plan. It appoints the university president, advocates on behalf of the university and ensures its good management. It's Western's highest authoritative body, and most of Western’s major decisions go through the Board.

Western’s Senate is responsible for the academic policy of the university, including determining its courses of study, setting its standards for admission and its qualifications for degrees.

Correction (Feb. 15, 2018, at 3:55 p.m.): this article has been updated to better reflect the science and schulich student Senate positions.


Grace is a news editor for volume 111 at the Gazette. She is a fourth-year neuroscience student minoring in French studies. If you want to reach Grace, email her at grace@westerngazette.ca

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