Last Friday, St. Patrick’s Day festivities were in full swing for party goers. However, the London Police Service (LPS) had a busy day as they worked with the community to make sure city laws and regulations were upheld.

According to Sandasha Boughs, LPS media relations officer, there were fewer charges this year compared to previous. Instead, more warnings that were given out.

Stated in a London Police media release, 123 warnings were given out on St. Patrick’s Day while last year’s number was 58.

In a previous interview with Constable Amy Phillipo, London Police were planning on targeting incidences of illegal sale of alcohol, underage drinking and public intoxication. By the end of Friday, 52 charges relating to the Liquor Licence Act were administered. Comparatively, last year 31 drinking offences were handed out. LPS also had concerns about impaired driving, leading to a total of 20 Highway Traffic Act charges on St. Patrick’s Day.

Although there was an injury that occurred by Ridout Street as reported by the London Free Press, Bough said that this year's number of serious incidents were significantly lower. 

Bough speculates that the colder weather could have played a factor in the decreased amount of incidents. She reported that the police didn’t attend as many parties as they did in the past.

“We want to thank our other community partners for assisting us that day, as well as the University and the college, for putting out their own messages,” said Bough.

She added that LPS was generally pleased with the outcome as individuals were well-behaved and respectful for the most part.