Name: Imraan Mukri

Year: Fourth year

Program: Physiology and IMS

Why do you want to run for SPO?

I am running for Student Programs Officer because too often, we complain about the changes we want to see or the problems we see without taking action. Throughout my four years at Western, I have noticed certain things in the Student Programs portfolio that I think can be improved upon, and I want to put emphasis on areas of the portfolio that are often overlooked during election season. Areas such as accessibility, where we fail to recognize things such as selling tickets on the Atrium Stage when this is not accessible for our students in wheelchairs. Areas such as the Peer Programs portfolio, a portfolio so important because it ensures our campus is a welcoming and supportive environment. If students don’t feel safe and welcome on campus, none of the rest matters.

What skills and experiences make you qualified for the position?

Having been the Charity Ball Coordinator, Associate Vice-President Campus Events, and most recently the Associate, Orientation, I have the required knowledge of the inner workings of the USC related to student programming, allowing me to understand the role of the SPO. The summer months are usually an important transition period for the incoming SPO. As Associate, Orientation, I spent all of last summer working in London, and developed an understanding of the SPO role and the staff involved with various aspects of the portfolio. This sets me up for success next year as SPO as I will not be spending much time learning the basic knowledge required as SPO. 

What are your plans for Orientation Week next year?

The SPO should be providing broader direction for the program as well as implementing the Strategic Plan with campus partners. I would start by addressing the accessibility of our programming and making sure all our students can access all our programming. My plans for Orientation Week and the Program also include the goals of the Residence Orientation Coordinator, Academic Orientation Coordinator, and Orientation Coordinator. I want to ensure that their goals of humanizing OPC and involving sophs in soph-related decisions, promoting an Orientation program that extends past O-Week, and implementing soph wellness initiatives are realized.  

What are some other program initiatives that you want to plan?

My platform revolves around the coordinators, associates, and clubs who are the core of the portfolio. I also want to make sure we are reviewing and revamping current programming before we start adding more to the USC events calendar. One of my biggest initiatives will be revamping Charity Ball. I want to give it the boost it needs to attract a larger population of students as it used to in the past. This would include making it more than just a dance—choosing the appropriate venue, having hors d’oeuvres, live music, and year-long programming. Another of my initiatives is dedicated meetings for clubs with me over the summer. I want to rebuild the relationship with clubs so that we become a collaborative group. I believe this is a start to bringing students’ interest back into the USC.