SPO candidate Mac McIntosh

Name: Mac McIntosh

Year: Fourth year

Program: Political science

Why do you want to run for SPO?

I started my experience in the USC by being involved with the Early Outreach Program. As my position grew in the Early Outreach Program, I developed a greater understanding of the USC and I learned a ton about supervising others. Going into fourth year, I applied to be Associate Programming and I have been blown away this year by the passion that each person has for their specific program. I want to be the student programs officer so that I can help support those passions. To be given the opportunity to help people build amazing programs, and play a support role for people who are truly accomplishing something they love would be amazing. 

What skills and experiences make you qualified for the position?

My involvement in the USC over the past three years has allowed me to understand how the organization works inside and out. Working as both the Early Outreach Coordinator, and as the Associate Programming, I have planned a number of events and have worked with a variety of stakeholders, both at Western and in the City of London. I work tirelessly to ensure that any team I have been a part of is supported. Over the past two years, I have developed a great knack for remaining calm and being a strong leader during hectic situations.

What are your plans for Orientation Week next year?

Building off of taking care of volunteers, I would love to see a larger focus on soph care and soph support. I am prepared to ensure that training is focusing on why we are teaching the sophs to do what they do and ensuring that they understand the process. Bringing them in, and being available to answer any question they may have will hopefully help clear up any lack of communication there has been in the past. For programming, I want to see a larger focus on educational programming. One Love is a great evening but we need to put a renewed focus on the messages from One Love and encouraging students to educate themselves.

What are some other program initiatives that you want to plan?

Branding a series of events after O-Week that use the One Love brand that can be used by clubs, services and the university to increase engagement. I want to also help clubs promote their programming and work with them to ensure that their members are having the best experience possible. Doing activities like a Club of the Month system, giving them a proper space and replying to their emails will ensure that clubs programming is brought into the larger conversation. 

My platform also includes points such as the Pints series which would be a series of events where students can chat with professors and London stakeholders, as well as promoting our arts programming across campus. 


Grace is a news editor for volume 111 at the Gazette. She is a fourth-year neuroscience student minoring in French studies. If you want to reach Grace, email her at grace@westerngazette.ca

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