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Mohammad Hussain, left, is running for USC vice-president and Anooshae Janmohammad, right, is running for USC president. 

The USC's Elections Governance Committee (EGC) awarded demerits points to two presidential slates in decisions released on Wednesday. 

Team Jan/Mohammad racked up six demerit points for a major violation and Team Tobi received one demerit point for a minor violation. 

Team Jan/Mohammad's six demerit points increases their overall total to eight points. They previously received two points for liking a Gazette article about their slate before campaigning officially began

The current six points were for violating section 12.1 of by-law #2. In the slate’s campaign video, copyrighted logos and the prohibited use of the colour purple appeared multiple times throughout, according to a media release by the EGC. The video doesn't appear on the campaign's social media accounts now. 

The report cites that because the video had the potential to influence many students with over 2,000 views. According to EGC, the use of the King’s logo on the shuttle, an image of the Western gates along with the Western Logo and the use of a student wearing a Western sweatshirt were all consciously chosen to be in the video. 

By a simple majority, vote the EGC deemed this a major violation and Team Jan/Mohammad was asked to remove the video. 

A presidential candidate can be disqualified if they receives more than 30 demerit points and all other candidates if they receives more than 20 demerit points.

Presidential candidate Team Tobi received one demerit point for violating section 11.3.1 of by-law #2. The slate’s campaign materials were placed on Brescia’s campus without the permission of the Brescia Chief Returning Officer. This is the slate's first recorded violation. 

In the report, a Western student noticed a sign set up by Team Tobi on Brescia’s campus and the EGC was made aware by the Brescia CRO.

The report cites that this act is considered a violation under Brescia's election regulations main campus candidates have to adhere when campaigning at the college. 

Policy and Procedure under section 4.06.2 of by-law #2 which requires all campaign materials to be approved by the CRO. 

By a simple majority vote the EGC deemed this a minor violation as it didn’t result in a major advantage for Team Tobi and was a mistake due to negligence.


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