The elections governance committee has dinged presidential slate, Team Ocean, with another two demerit points for pre-campaigning.

In a decision released Tuesday night, the EGC reports that on Wednesday, Jan. 17, a campaign volunteer encouraged first-year students on her residence floor to read and share Team Ocean’s candidacy announcement article through a Facebook group message.

Rav Datta, Team Ocean's vice-presidential candidate, confirmed his friend, a soph, shared a Gazette article to her floor group chat.

The soph shared the article prior to the election campaign period's official start on Jan. 22. As a result, the EGC determined Team Ocean violated section 11.7 of by-law #2 for pre-campaigning. The slate also violated section 11.4.1 for benefits acquired by virtue of office because the student used her position as a residence floor soph to contact other students. 

The EGC's decision bumps Team Ocean's demerit point total to four points. Presidential slates can be awarded a maximum 30 demerit points, and exceeding these limits results in disqualification.