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What does it take to win the USC presidency? We’ve looked at USC winners over the past five years to see what traits made them more or less likely to win.

The concept of being an insider or outsider candidate has been used as a marketing tool by candidates in recent elections. This year we have our first USC outsider presidential winners in at least five years with Team Tobi’s win. 

2017–18 Team Tobi — Outsider

Both Tobi Solebo and Landon Tulk become the president-elect and vice president-elect with little experience in the USC. Both Solebo and Tulk were sophs and members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, with Solebo serving as an executive member. Solebo was also a member of the Black Students’ Association and worked on the Mental Health Advisory Board. Tulk, a previous Huron student, served on the Huron University College Students’ Council.

President’s faculty: Social Science (BMOS)

Year: Third year

Colour: Red

2016–17 Team Avila — Insider

Team Avila’s slate counts as an insider slate as Eddy Avila was the orientation coordinator and a member of the Science Students’ Council (SSC). Vice-president Jamie Cleary was the associate vice-president external for the USC and an internal affairs officer on SSC.

President’s faculty: Science

Year: Fourth year

Colour: Red

2015–16 Team Sophie — Insider

Sophie Helpard was Huron’s head soph in her second year and served as the orientation coordinator for the O-Week of her third year. Her vice-president external, Lindsee Perkins, was the associate vice-president municipal affairs and vice-president internal, Alex Benac, had unsuccessfully ran for vice-president the previous year.

President’s faculty: Social Science at Huron

President’s year: Third year

Colour: Red

2014–15 Team Helfand — Insider

Matt Helfand’s team had one of the most stacked résumés. Helfand was formerly the Social Science Students’ Council president. Vice-president internal, Emily Addison, was Huron’s president and vice-president external, Jen Carter, was the King’s president.

President’s faculty: Social Science

President’s year: Graduate student

Colour: Blue

2013–14 Team Whelan — Insider

Pat Whelan was an insider candidate having previously been a student senator-at-large and a social science councillor. Vice-president internal, Amir Eftekharpour served as the USC ChangeCamp Coordinator and vice-president internal, Sam Krishnapillai, was a health science councillor.

President’s faculty: Social Science 

President’s year: Fourth Year

Colour: Red


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