Elections issue Feb. 22, 2007 Amy O'Kruk

One horse left running behind

2007: Although Chris Reynolds, Tom Stevenson and Josh Safer all ran for University Students' Council president, The Gazette called it a “two-horse race” between Reynolds and Stevenson.

2016: Eddy Avila, Brandon Palin and Mike Roy all vied for the presidency, but 93 per cent of students threw their support behind Team Avila or Palin-Cohen.

Failed referendums

1981: A proposal to make Western’s Medway-Sydenham residence co-educational the following year failed (but Western’s administration did it anyway).

2016: The Propel referendum failed, with 64.8 per cent of students voting against the proposal.

Mar. 3, 1981 Amy O'Kruk

Presidential oops!

1981: Jeff Ball won the presidency by a margin of three votes tallying 2,049 compared to the 2,046 votes cast for runner-up Peter Luchak. Two days later and after a recount, the USC announced Luchak actually won the elections by four votes.

2015: Jack Litchfield wins the USC elections, by a 32 vote margin over Sophie Helpard. Two months later, Sophie Helpard is declared president after an appeals board disqualifies Litchfield for breaking too many elections rules during his campaign.

Feb. 13, 1998 Amy O'Kruk

Gazette told it fucked up again”

1998: Brett Slade, who lost the USC presidential elections by over 800 votes to president-elect Ian Armour, said he lost the elections because “The Gazette fucked up … you chose the wrong candidate to endorse.”

2016 (jk, every year): There will always be students who grumble over The Gazette's annual USC elections endorsement. Highlights from this year's comment section include: "The Gazette ed board probably should get their head out of their collective ass," and "this editorial is a joke, filled with meaningless platitudes." 

Elections voting fiasco

1999: Two USC councillors were mistakenly declared unofficial winners after the USC prematurely published elections results.

2016: For the first time, the elections results were released the day after polls closed to ensure absolute accuracy ensuring Team Avila is here to stay.