Western road/Sarnia intersection

Western Rd. and Sarnia is a busy intersection on campus.

Three off-campus London intersections frequented by Western students are among the high collisions list for 2016. 

Wharncliffe Rd. and Oxford St. was fourth on the list with 71 collisions, Oxford St. and Richmond St., and Oxford St. and Wonderland Rd. shared the fifth spot with 70 reported collisions each. 

Wharncliffe Rd. and Oxford St. maintained the fourth spot from 2015, while Oxford St. and Richmond St. moved from ninth in 2015 to fifth. Oxford St. and Wonderland Rd. also moved a spot up from sixth in 2015 to fifth in the current list.

According to data from the London Police Service (LPS), there were 8,500 collisions in London in 2016. While still a fairly high number, it is a reduction from the more than 10,000 collisions reported in 2015. 

"Distracted, impaired and aggressive driving behaviours continue to lead the list of causes of these preventable collisions," a LPS media release stated.

In 2016, 1,900 drivers were ticketed in London for driving while holding cell phones or other handheld communication devices. 2,491 people were ticketed for the same offence in 2015. 

Since September 2015, the province has increased fines for the offence from $280 to $490 as well as adding on three demerit points upon conviction. 

"Be courteous and be conscientious. Poor driving habits in our young drivers are learned from the adults in their lives: their parents. Be the change you want to see on our roadways," the LPS media release concluded.

Full list of top ten collision intersections in 2016

1. 84 collisions Wellington/Exeter 

2. 78 collisions Wellington/Commissioners 

3. 74 collisions Highbury/Oxford 

4. 71 collisions Wharncliffe/Oxford 

5. 70 collisions Oxford/Richmond 

6. 70 collisions Oxford/Wonderland 

7. 69 collisions Fanshawe Park Rd/Adelaide 

8. 66 collisions Adelaide/Oxford 

9. 63 collisions Wonderland/Southdale 

10. 62 collisions Highbury/Huron 

11. 61 collisions Highbury/Hamilton 


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