Many of the USC council faculty presidents and councillors have been acclaimed this year — arts and humanities president and councillor, health sciences president, nursing president and councillor, health studies president, kinesiology president, music president and social sciences president and councillors.

Besides for the president and vice-president, the only positions with competition in this year’s election were kinesiology councillor, FIMS president, science president and councillors and the London Youth Advisory Council councillor.

All positions for the USC council were announced on election results night at The Spoke on Wednesday night.

Arts & Humanities

President (Acclaimed) — Massimo Perruzza

Council Representative (Acclaimed) — Kate Moran

Health Sciences

President (Acclaimed) — Husnain Ali

Nursing (Association)

President (Acclaimed) — Lauren Rogers

Council Representative (Acclaimed) — Erika Juhasz

Health Studies (Association)

President (Acclaimed) — Amilya Ladak

Kinesiology (Association)

President (Acclaimed) — David McHugh

Council Representative — Benjamin Abnett


President — Emma Coates


President (Acclaimed) — Kyle Tang


President — Danny Chang

Council Representative — Frank Ye, Ankush Vij, Grace Zhu, Graeden Middel, Rakshith Gangireddy, Julia Gordon, Victoria Barroso

Social Science

President (Acclaimed) — Mitchell Pratt

Council Representative — Adam Khimji, Ayesha Zaman, Jared Forman, Avnashi Dhillon, Calvin Chao, Sophie Delombre, Tom Griffith, Keaton Olsen, Keegan Smart

London Youth Advisory Council

Council Representative — Rebeca Sousa